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The Breakable Vow

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Dating and Domestic Violence Explained

     "Annie, I don't want to talk about this anymore," Kevin said, putting his arms across his chest.

   "Neither do I. Should we talk about the weather? No. Let's talk about football." Annie was not calming down. The more she thought about it, the angrier she became.

   "Calm down," Kevin raised his voice. "I've had enough of this. Don't blame my mother. I admit she was out of line about the abortion thing, but I made it clear we were not considering it. Shut your mouth and listen for a minute. I have to ask you a question." Kevin paused for a breath. He had been pointing his finger in Annie's face.

   "Well," Annie said, taking a deep breath. "As much as I would love to hear what you want to ask me, Kevin, I'm afraid I have to leave. Go talk to your mother like that." Annie pulled open the door and started to get out. She felt her head jerked back into the car and slammed against the headrest.

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  The Breakable Vow novel about dating and domestic violence and prevention
  The Breakable Vow is a sensitive and perceptive novel about dating violence and its effect on one young woman caught up in an abusive relationship. Annie McGowan's story begins in her early teen years and unfolds as she grows older and faces ever-increasing mistreatment from Kevin Griffin, her boyfriend and later husband, whose possessiveness and controlling behavior lead to a pattern of domestic violence.

Written with emotional authenticity and a sense of humor, The Breakable Vow offers insight into the complex character of an abusive relationship as well as practical suggestions for seeking out help and for developing protection plans and support systems.

Following the novel is a section entitled "Understanding Dating and Domestic Violence," which uses checklists, profiles, and illustrative anecdotes to help the reader not only identify and cope with abusive relationships but also recognize and nourish healthy relationships. This section includes a straightforward discussion of date rape and date rape drugs.

Also available is Dating Violence Prevention, a curriculum guide/instructor's manual to assist in implementing a prevention program for young persons.

  The Breakable Vow - Curriculum Guide - Dating and Domestic Violence Prevention